I am responsible for my actions

I am the cause of everything that happens in my life; no matter how good or bad, how logical or strange, how intentional or unintentional… Everything. There are no circumstances except the chain of events that I create through my actions, thoughts, and feelings.


It is me who decides

Nothing happens that I am not in agreement with. If on the surface I don’t agree with something happening, it means on a deeper, subconscious level a part of me agrees with it.


Judgment is pointless

A person’s ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are largely inherited from family, friends, teachers, and other people around them. Seen in this light, very few people make fully conscious, intentional decisions. How can I then judge someone negatively? It doesn’t make any sense. Their actions were almost inevitable… The best I can do is offer a different perspective if it is asked for and accepted.


Change is inevitable

Nothing in this universe stays still. Even empty space is not really empty but bubbling with quantum activity. Even a mountain that is in front of you today was once not there, and at some point in the future will no longer be there again. I embrace the ever-changing and fluid nature of reality.


Have fun

Life is fun and you should strive to have fun in life. Do not trust those who think otherwise. I am living to be happy and consider every moment a new chance to enjoy life that little bit more.


Keep it simple

There’s a difference between complex and complicated. Life is complex, but also simple. Complications arise out of stubbornness, imbalance, and human interference in general. I embrace life’s complexity while trying to keep things as simple as possible in life, love, and work.


The journey is more important than the destination

Although I accepted this on a shallow, conscious level, it took a long time to really understand and respect this fact deep down. If you were to get everything that you wished for, right now, immediately, would your life be complete? Would you then be happy dying right there and then, since there was nothing more to ‘have’? Of course not… There are always more results to aim for, BUT none of them will bring completely satisfaction or closure. The actual results don’t matter. It’s what we go through and learn on the way to each result on our long path that matters.


Anything is possible

It doesn’t matter how big or unreal some goal is. There are literally millions of combinations of sets of circumstances that can line up to give you what you want. A project that I started some years ago was nothing but an ambitious idea with no exposure. Now it’s an undeniable part of daily life. Dream big and follow through.


Consistency and effort are a must

“Today I have a headache.” “It’s rainy and I’m not in the mood.” No more excuses. There’s no such thing as an Armchair Manifestor. Get off your butt! I didn’t achieve a healthy, muscular, attractive body by sitting leaving the gym for another day. I didn’t succeed in business by watching movies and playing games. Yes, there’s a time and place to relax and I relax a lot! The issue is fooling yourself into believing that it’s OK to put off effort for a later time when there’s no reason not to do it now. Repeat, repeat, repeat.


Thinking for the future

Most of us are thinking OF the future. I suggest thinking FOR the future. Live your future now, feeling what it would feel like if the future reality were already here. Then, when it arrives, it will feel natural.


Sharing is key

No personal progress is built on my efforts alone. All progress is built mostly on the efforts of others before me and that was made possible because their lessons and results were shared with the world.