Let me begin by saying that my manifestation experiences have taught me to be as precise as possible when it comes to formulating ideas and desires. This will also be reflected in what you are about to read. Precision, however, does not imply complexity. I strive towards simplifying all facets of my life. So, with that being said, who is this Niki Genji?! 🙂


I had been in active pursuit of the “good life” for many years. After going through the usual videos, articles, and books like most do… as well as struggling and feeling frustrated like most do… I had a personal breakthrough. I managed to get at the real essence of manifestation.

The results then started coming quickly.

I’d like to share with you what I’ve found: my experiences, lessons learned, and tips.


I am…


Physically Healthy

I’m an early-thirties male, 5’10, and slim but muscular. Although I fully embrace that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body, I still work on maintaining my body directly. I go to the gym 4 times every week, jog regularly, I strengthen my immune system with deep-breathing and cold-shower trainings, and I stick to organic ingredients and home-cooked meals with plenty of vegetables (when possible 🙂 ).


Student of Life

I have three university degrees, including one in psychology. I love to constantly increase my knowledge across a variety of fields, be they physics, spirituality, history, genetics, marketing, software, or technology. I love living life as one long – but constantly changing – educational experience. I enjoy being educated by the words and actions of people around me. I have fun finding something new to try… Cave diving? Why not. Mountain climbing? Let’s do it.



The internet is where I spent most of my working time (as well as some of my leisure time). I do business online, I most frequently communicate and shop online, and I learn through the myriad available online resources.


Earth Citizen (1)

I live in different countries throughout the year. I travel to experience new things and see new places several times a year. I am a citizen of the Earth, not tied by patriotic or political affiliation to any one country. I was born during a period where geopolitical borders were a poignant reality, grew up during a period of rapid globalization, and in my mind national borders are already an ancient relic – reality just hasn’t caught up to the fact yet…


Earth Citizen (2)

From small things like separating recyclable waste and donating to animal charities to larger things like buying an electric car and outfitting my office and home with green technologies, I am responsible for my ecological footprint on this planet. I aim to live in harmony and sustainability with the environment around me.



I have created and continue to create companies and projects that are both profitable and helpful to individuals and the world at large. I strive for efficiency and effectiveness in my entrepreneurial pursuits as well as the promotion of growth in the people I work with. For me, entrepreneurship is a way to create an avalanche of positive change. One success allows three others to become a reality.



I have been manifesting things in my life for as long as I can remember, even before I realised that this is what I was doing. Before “The Secret” and “The Matrix,” I knew I had the power in me to bring about change in my life. I now consciously create my own reality and choose to share what I’ve learned about this process with others.


Emotional Being Who Chooses What to Feel

“The feeling is the prayer.” It took a long time to realise and really understand how emotions affect my life. Once the discovery happened, however, everything else started falling into place. Now I choose how what and how I feel, and life around me re-arranges itself as a result.


Person of Abundance

Abundance means more to me than just the money I have in multiple bank accounts in several countries. Abundance is a feeling: the feeling that I have all that I need, that there is no lack, that I can travel whenever and wherever I want, that I can experience whatever I want, and that I am surrounded by different, interesting people – each precious to me.


Loving Partner

Manifesting relations and relationships is the easy part. Maintaining, nurturing, and developing them is the challenge. Discovering the boundaries (or lack thereof) of your inner ability to love… Finding the balance between your own and the other person’s needs… Realising that love is a process of development… These are all wonderful experiences.


Gratitude Sharer

I find multiple ways to be grateful for what I have and feel. I enjoy sharing my gratitude with other people. It is my life and my joy.

  • I am grateful that I finally started this blog and project.
  • I am grateful to all of my school teachers, friends, book author, videos, courses, jobs, and other resources and events that got me to this exact moment in my life.
  • I am grateful to everyone that had a hand in creating the software and hardware tools that I use to manage this website and its social media pages.
  • I am grateful to my partner for helping me with this project.
  • I am grateful to YOU for reading this right now. 🙂


I think that’s a good summary… If you are interested in learning even more, I’ve also written a bit about my principles and how I lead my life.


– Niki Genji