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For the past 3 years we have been studying psychological abilities and brain functions, coming to understand the complex boundaries of and interrelatedness between the inner processes of this truly unique mechanism referred to as a "human being." We try to use these insights in everything we do within the Manifest Better project, including the guided meditations offered on this page. Through these guided meditations, we will help you to experience something truly unique, without the need to read loads of books or practice lots of methods. Everything is done for you. All that's left for you to do is to find 20 minutes for yourself and relax. 🙂

How do the Guided Meditations work?

The concept is simple but the results are profound: a voice guides you in relaxing and then leads your awareness in an inner journey to reach certain insights through visualisation using multiple senses.

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Who are these meditations for?

Those who are tired of searching hopelessly through the various layers of their mind and just want to receive clear insights and understand if they are moving in the right direction.

Anyone who has attained some results, but became stuck along the way and is struggling to continue moving forward.

If you have never even considered that you can consciously manifest your life and that the start of this process starts with the discovery of true goals and wishes, then these meditations are for you.

Individuals that simply want to understand themselves better and deeper, as well as to gain algorithms for interacting and cooperating with their inner selves (which, learned once, can be applied as many times as you wish).

The Guided Meditations

You will receive a link to a streamable HD video 🎞, a link to an SD video file that you can download, and a link to an MP3 file 🎵 that you can download. All purchases are secured by 🔒 SSL encryption, are handled by a leading payment provider, and we never see your payment details.

1. Uncover Your True Desires

This is a deeply powerful, 18-minute meditation that allows you to enter into a profound connection with  your deepest levels of consciousness and figure out what it is that you truly, truly desire right now. No surface "wants," no fake goals. There is no place here for logical deductions, for unconscious negative emotion games, or the opinions of friends and family. You are one-on-one with yourself and your sole inner truth! Relax and allow the voice to guide your inner journey.

Buy Now: $6.97

2. Forgotten Dreams and Wishes

We offer this meditation as a follow-up to the Uncover Your True Desires meditation. This one is for those who want to go even deeper and find clarity in their personal world, bringing to the surface everything important that was forgotten and 'stashed away' long ago. This is a path toward your true self in search of genuine treasures of your soul. We urge you to complete the first meditation (Uncover Your True Desires) before attempting this one, because it is a conceptual continuation and refers to some things that you cover in the first meditation. A sequel if you will. 🙂

Buy Now: $6.97

By the way...

These two guided meditations are included in our 9-Day True Desire Mastery Course, in which you'll learn how to actively bring about even more positive change in your life.

Offer: Meditations 1 + 2

Get both the Discover Your True Desires and Forgotten Dreams and Wishes meditations together for a stronger impact and better results, while also paying a lower price!

Buy Both: $9.99 (28% off!)

See what our Amazing Clients have to say...

Hey guys! I'm usual sceptical about stuff like this, but decided to give it a try and your true desire meditation blew me away... Powerful stuff! I think I'll get the follow-up one about dreams and wishes soon after I process this a bit!!

Henrick Samuelson
Henrick Samuelson

I often write long, detailed feedback for various products and services that I buy, but I'm honestly at a loss for words... I've done guided meditations before, but this is on a whole other level. The part about going on an inner journey was no joke. You guys have created something special! Quite frankly, you're not charging enough. 😉 Looking forward to the next one!!!

Laura Oberton
Laura Oberton


We advise you to find your own rules for these (and not only these) meditations and how they should best work for you. Only you are able to judge whether or not sitting down or lying down is more effective, what time of the day feels right, and so on. The following tips are simply some suggestions to give you a head start. ⭐️

Use headphones

Sound is a powerful instrument and it can be used with maximum benefit or just 50% there. For the guided meditations on this page, we highly recommend using headphones because they allow you to fully concentrate on the process by delivering the complete auditory richness of the experience.

If you struggle with visualization...

Try this, in order:

  1. Go through the meditation with your eyes open, simply observing the visual scenes in the video.

  2. Go through the meditation again, this time with your eyes closed, but opening them whenever you need to or feel that visualising a specific moment isn't working.

  3. Go through the meditation with your eyes constantly closed. If it doesn't work, repeat step 2 until it start to work. 🎉

Welcome your emotions

Our guided meditations are built specifically to provoke certain emotional reactions in you. Don't be afraid of this and allow yourself to live through them. Anger, tears, feelings of helplessness, guilt: all of this and more can surface in the process of experiencing each of the guided meditations. We just ask you to live these emotions as they come. Don't try to suppress them or make logical sense of them or be ashamed or otherwise uncomfortable at their sudden appearance. They are part of the process and part of YOU! Otherwise they wouldn't appear...

So don't suppress those parts of you. In fact, that's why they would be appearing strongly and unexpectedly now: because they've been suppressed previously. You could have run away from them in the past, hid from them, or pretended that they did not exist, but they are there inside you. Respect their presence and allow yourself to come into natural contact with them again and accept the gift that they bring with them: the gift of freedom and progress on the path of personal growth and discovery.
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