Law of Cattraction ~ The Mega-Unexpected Law of Attraction and Manifestation Teacher ~

The Mega-Unexpected Attraction & Manifestation Teacher

There’s no shortage of manifesting and Law of Attraction teachers these days. What works for one may not work for another, and that’s fine! Every person is different and responds with varying effectiveness to all these techniques and ideas. There is, however, the simplest and perhaps most important teacher of all that no one talks about. The lessons he teaches are profound, in a language everyone can understand. Who is he?

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Constant Bad Luck In Life ~ "Trying to Manifest? You're Shooting Yourself in the Foot and You Don’t Even Know It." ~

Trying to Manifest? You’re Shooting Yourself in the Foot and You Don’t Even Know It.

I had just gotten into the swing of things with training my mind to focus on what I want to manifest, feeling it already present, and doing so regularly. Reality was clearly changing around me – people spoke differently and about different topics; more opportunities were springing up with the potential to crystallize my intentions; what I was intending was becoming real. Results were coming, I was manifesting. Then, at just the right moment, “life happens.” What I had just received is taken away again. Bummer. The Familiar Tale of “Bad Luck”

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