Three Acquired Skills of Love or How to Live Life to the Fullest

3 Acquired Skills of Love – or How to Live to the Fullest

We all talk about love, we write about it, film movies, but we never really teach anything about it with as much effort & passion as what goes into fiction.


In this post I would like to talk about the study of love. Yes, that’s right, I sincerely believe that the act of love needs to be actually studied and trained.

Unfortunately, someone seriously “teaching” the act of love in a genuine and heartfelt manner is probably 1 in a million, if not more rare. This isn’t like teaching history in high school and all examples that we know of are our family, our circle of acquaintances, books, films, theatre, songs, and online articles and gossip columns.

how to love

And so we live in this world having a fundamentally corrupted and noise-filled understanding of what is love and what it means to love as an intentional action.

And as is often the case, a person enters our life and we project all of this baggage, misunderstandings, and illusions onto him or her. We measure “the one” against these corrupt ideas of “how things should be.”

The truth is, LOVE is individual and cannot be standardised or generalised, nor can it truly be pinned down based on certain attributes. It doesn’t have a smell or a physical form. It is ethereal. Perhaps the only characteristic that it possesses as a distinct ‘entity’ is that it forces you to feel and more often than not to feel a lot more than you may wish to.

Today I would like to discuss three Acquired Skills of Love, which everyone of us should strive to learn and practice in order to live fully and joyfully.


Acquired Skill 1 – ♥️ Love yourself first of all ♥️

learn to love yourself


This is the axiom of the theory of love. Without it, you cannot hope to start anything else. If I don’t love myself, how will I expect someone else to love me? Even if you could expect such a thing, what will the relationship look like? Blooming and fulfilling or will I try my hardest not to ruin and lose it? When you love yourself (truly, not in an egotistical manner), you form a foundation for healthy relationships, full of opportunities for new, positive experiences. Because when you love yourself, you feel yourself to be enough, so much so that new relationships are not built on the principles of “if only there was someone who…” or “everyone has, and so must I,” but on your understanding of your worth, genuine needs for growth, and desire for creation and development.


Acquired Skill 2 – ♥️♥️ Love and work on your love ♥️♥️

love and work on your love


This is a truth, which my mother instilled in me since childhood. If I’m honest, however, I didn’t understand this truth fully until coming face to face with relationships and the need to support and nurture them in my own life… Obviously all illusions regarding “what and how things should be done” quickly fell to the wayside. In their place start a deep process of self-study. Self-study and partner-study. Our mutual interests, habits, and how to manage living in and through them.


Acquired Skill 3 – ♥️♥️♥️Love everything that is in your life♥️♥️♥️

be love


This is perhaps the most useful acquired skill of all. When you start to love every second of your life, however hard it may be (it brings experience, after all), then life changes fundamentally. It isn’t easy overall and oftentimes it is difficult to catch yourself “in the moment” to practice this intentional love of the moment. It is easier to make these realizations when looking back. This is why I appeal to you to glance again at any negative experiences in your life, though this time from this novel position: a position of love and acceptance, expressing your gratitude, saying “thank you” and moving forward.

These three “simple” acquired skills of love, practice consistently over time, will help you to live life to the fullest and to go through all challenges and experiences that Life has prepared for you.

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